About DTC

DTC Security is a cybersecurity company that offers a comprehensive technology-based consulting proposal, using the BOT model (build, operate and transfer) that accelerates the construction of internal cybersecurity specialized units. DTC was founded by cybersecurity experts with more than 20 years of experience operating cybersecurity centers in different industries.

Our value proposition is based on 4 principles:


Our clients need to improve their positions and operational capabilities in cybersecurity quickly. DTC uses the best practices, frameworks and proven operating models combined with a great operational experience.


DTC works collaboratively with its clients to build cybersecurity management capabilities based on a BOT model that allows for rapid operational improvements and capacity building at the same time.


The DTC team has a long history of experience operating cybersecurity units in different sectors. These experiences allow us to help our customers improve their capabilities quickly and efficiently.

Third Parties

DTC has built a network of third-party providers specialized in the different areas of cybersecurity: penetration testing, cyber intelligence, hardware and software tools. All this is made available to our customers to accelerate the closing of security breaches.